Hey, I’ve Got a Website Now

This is pretty neat. I started this to give me an easier way of keeping all my stuff together, and to attempt to be more professional as my esports career moves forward. In this blog, I’ll occasionally write up my thoughts on events or teams, post videos (whether vlogs, discussion pieces, demo reviews – who knows! I certainly don’t yet.), and generally keep everyone up to date with what I’m doing. Don’t expect these blog posts to be on any sort of schedule (sorry!), but I’ll post what I can when I can 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve updated my social accounts –

Give me a follow on each of these to stay up to date!

With IEM this weekend, there’s not a lot of new things until we all survive that, but I have some exciting stuff in the pipeline! I love you all, and will tell you everything I can as soon as I’m able.


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